OREANDA-NEWS Relations between the United States and the Gulf states, in particular the UAE and Saudi Arabia, have become more tense against the background of events in Ukraine, the Washington Post newspaper writes. The most notable reasons for the disagreement are the refusal of the UAE and the Saudis to increase oil production, as well as the different opinions of the countries about the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. In addition, according to the authors of the publication, the Biden administration does not consider the «condemnation of Russia» by the Persian countries sufficient.

«The desire to sign a new nuclear deal with Tehran, which does not concern Iranian aggression in the region, are also factors that have influenced the nature of relations between the United States and the Gulf states», the authors add.

Earlier it became known that China is imposing retaliatory visa restrictions against a number of American officials. This was stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin. According to him, such measures were taken to ensure the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. The diplomat did not explain who exactly these restrictions will apply to.