OREANDA-NEWS. The thesis about the alleged threat to Russia from the Ukrainian democracy is “amazing stupidity”. This was stated on January 20 by a member of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov, commenting on the corresponding statement by former US Ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul.

As the senator is convinced, this position of the American "pseudo-specialists" indicates that they do not know and do not try to understand the real attitude of Russian citizens towards the situation in Ukraine. Instead, they "live in false ideologemes where they feel comfortable and comfortable," Pushkov pointed out.

“In Russia, it is difficult to find people who would dream of a life like now in Ukraine. It is impossible to envy her. And those few who would like the same bedlam for Russia have already mostly moved to the West, ”he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The day before, McFaul wrote in his Twiiter that the real threat to Russia is not the potential entry of Ukraine into NATO, but the democratic regime in this country.

US President Joe Biden said on January 20 that the likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO in the short term is low. Before that, the Kiev authorities have to do a lot of work in the field of democracy, the American leader pointed out.

On January 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that NATO could begin to build up forces near Russia in the coming months under the pretext of the situation in Ukraine. At the same time, the minister noted that the Russian Federation had never threatened the Ukrainian people.