OREANDA-NEWS. Western countries, outwardly admitting that they could not stop the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project, switched to a different kind of action, and the increased activity of NATO in the Black Sea confirms this, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova.

She drew attention to the words of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, who earlier did not rule out that the escalation on the border between Russia and Ukraine could affect the fate of the Nord Stream 2 project.

“All this provocative activity is based on the wild allergy of the United States and the NATO community, very many NATO representatives, in relation to the energy project, which is beneficial primarily to the whole of Europe and individual European countries. Well, they cannot accept, they cannot accept. Outwardly, they signed for the impossibility of further exercising political pressure openly, outwardly they signed that aggressive rhetoric and blackmail also did not bring results, and I think that now they have switched to a different kind of action, "Zakharova said on the Soloviev Live Youtube channel.

"The provocative activity of NATO members in the Black Sea region demonstrates the truth of their intentions," she added.
The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Nord Stream 2, which the United States and Ukraine actively oppose, is commercial, beneficial to Europe and urged to stop mentioning it in the context of any politicization.

And in response to accusations from the West, Moscow declared that it was not threatening anyone and was not going to attack anyone.