OREANDA-NEWS   Success criteria are the cost of advertising posts in celebrity accounts. Here the arithmetic is simple: the more subscribers you have, the more well-known brands pay to advertise their products and services on your pages.  

The list is headed by Cristiano Ronaldo - he has 322 million subscribers, the cost of one post is $ 1,604,000.

Musicians in the top 100 this time start from third place, which went to Ariana Grande - 256 million subscribers and $ 1,510,000 per post.

Selena Gomez is also among the leaders - 249 million, $ 1,468,000 for the post and fifth place. In eighth place - Beyoncé Knowles (197 million and 1,147,000 per post), ninth - Justin Bieber (187 million and 1,112,000 per post).

The top 20 also includes Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and two noisy, provocative rappers: Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus.

Closing the top 20 is another star of the dance floors - singer Demi Lovato.