OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile share, has issued the rating of mobile devices used on the Tele2 network in 2016. Over the reported period, a share of smartphones totaled 53% of a total number of devices.

LTE-supporting devices have showed an active growth in the smartphone segment. Thus, over the year, penetration of 4G gadgets gained 10 pps and increased by 14%. Moscow is leaving other regions behind in terms of the use of 4G-supporting devices on its network – their number added 11.6 pps and totaled 34%. On the all-Russia scale, Tele2 smartphones accounted for more than a half of a total number of registered devices.

The most popular smartphone on the operator’s network is Tele2 Mini released over a year ago. The 2nd and the 3rd place are taken by Apple devices − iPhone 5S and iPhone 4S correspondently. They are followed by several models of Samsung Galaxy.

Leadership in the rating of operating systems belongs to Android: its share grew up by 3.3 pps compared to 2015 and totaled 84%. iOS-operated systems are ranked 2nd with their share having increased by 0.9 pps up to 8%. Smartphones operated by Windows Phone have taken the 3d place (4%) again although they have lost 1.2 pps over the year.

The volume of data on the Tele2 network has also increased along with the growth of smartphones’ popularity. Average traffic per one user tripled in 2016. The growth was possible by virtue of massive 3G/4G rollouts, launch of smartphones under the Tele2 brand and profitable product portfolios. In 2016, Tele2 has offered its clients tariffs with unlimited access to social networks and popular WhatsApp messenger as well as a number of services providing comfortable and affordable access to Internet.