OREANDA-NEWS. August 10, 2016. IKEA Canada has officially broken ground on its new store in Halifax.

Located at Dartmouth Crossing, the store will take roughly 14-16 months to complete. It will be approximately 330,000 square feet (30,700 square meters), which is larger than four football fields in size. The IKEA Halifax location will be a destination for the entire family bringing to Nova Scotia what people know and already love about IKEA. Including the full product range and inspirational room sets in the Showroom, Market Hall, Restaurant and SM?LAND playroom. Customers will be able to take advantage of a suite of services such as home delivery, assembly, planning and returns.

“Halifax residents have been such great supporters of the IKEA brand and the area has always been a key market for expansion,” said David McCabe, Vice President, IKEA Canada. “It took us 40 years to build 12 stores and we are very happy that IKEA Halifax will be the first of 12 new stores to be built over the next 10 years.”

IKEA takes pride in being a great place to work and will be welcoming approximately 300 new co-workers into an engaging environment with a strong focus on people. 50 per cent of IKEA Halifax co-workers will be employed full-time and all co-workers will receive benefits and guaranteed hours, no matter how many hours a week they work.

“We work hard to provide all of our co-workers with an opportunity for professional growth and career development. Anyone who has a passion for home furnishings and energy for customer service is encouraged to apply online at www.IKEA.ca,” said McCabe.

“IKEA will be a major employer in Halifax Regional Municipality and we are very excited to see them in our community,” said Mayor Mike Savage, City of Halifax. “It is a sign of the strength of our growing economy. We welcome any new businesses to Halifax Regional Municipality, especially progressive, sustainable companies like IKEA.”

IKEA Halifax will be constructed to operate as the most sustainable IKEA store in Canada, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and waste avoidance, and will be the first LEED certified IKEA store in Canada. Key features of the store will include a rooftop solar photovoltaic installation to provide electricity to the store, geothermal energy generation to support heating and cooling needs, as well as 100% LED lighting. Waste management equipment will be installed to maximize material recycling and diversion from landfill, and a free take-back service will be offered for household batteries and light bulbs to ensure the hazardous materials contained are recycled responsibly.

To support their shopping experience, residents of the Halifax area will begin to receive the 2017 IKEA Catalogue, beginning August 15th. There will be seven million catalogues sent out across the country, including 154,000 copies in the Halifax area. The 2017 IKEA Catalogue can also be viewed online at www.IKEA.ca after August 23rd.

As we await the store opening, customers who purchase home furnishings can now choose to pick up their products at the recently opened Halifax Collection Point, for a flat rate of \\$50 compared to the average home delivery fee of \\$150.

The Halifax store will be the first to open as part of a coast-to-coast expansion effort which will double the store count from 12 to 24 in the next 10 years and will increase the number of co-workers to 10,000. It’s the goal of IKEA Canada to be wherever its customers are and to provide them with the services they expect, whether that’s in a store, on our website, at a Pick-up and order point or a Collection Point.