OREANDA-NEWS. August 10, 2016. IBA Group received two letters of thanks for Online Repository of Client Documents implemented in major Belarusian banks. BelVEB Bank and BPS–Sberbank expressed their gratitude to IBA Group for professional excellence demonstrated while creating the systems. The implementation of the IBM FileNet P8–based solution improved the performance of document processing management and streamlined the automation of basic EDM procedures in BelVEB Bank and BPS–Sberbank. The efficiency of the banks' divisions increased through the reduction of time spent on receiving, collecting, and processing of information.

For BelVEB Bank, IBA Group implemented the following:

  • Full–cycle support for creation of electronic client files and loading of documents coming from different banking systems to the relevant client files
  • A comprehensive search of client files and documents
  • A distributed access to the logging system
  • Building of analytical reports on system operation and document processing by different criteria
  • Quick access to secure information based on different access rights.

For BPS–Sberbank, IBA Group developed an Online Repository of Client Documents that keeps client banking history and provides corporate and retail banking services to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Using the Online Repository of Client Documents, the authorized bank's personnel can create, process, and use client documents.

Within the project, IBA Group performed the following:

  • IBM FileNet P8 deployment
  • Project documentation development
  • Automation of business processes in line with business requirements
  • Import of the existing database of legal entities and effective contracts for corporate and retail banking services with a regular synchronization mechanism
  • Creation of electronic client files, loading and integration of electronic documents coming from different banking systems
  • Implementation of an electronic digital signature procedure
  • Development of mechanisms to integrate master data with the complex IT systems of the bank.

In their letters, Yuri Ponomarev, IT Department Director of BPS–Sberbank, and Sergei Zelenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board at BelVEB Bank, underscored a highly professional, efficient, and creative approach, as well as commitment of IBA Group experts demonstrated during the project implementation.