OREANDA-NEWS In a cafe located at Russian Vladivostok International Airport, the ceiling collapsed, RIA Novosti reports. The press service of the air hub said that there were no passengers in the dining area at the time of the collapse. After the incident, experts began to find out all the circumstances of the incident.

«Indeed, on April 24, a partial destruction of the supporting profile of the ceiling fastening system occurred in one of the cafes», the press service said. According to preliminary information, the collapse of the ceiling did not affect the operation of the airport, it operates normally. The air hub also apologized for the inconvenience due to the current situation.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow Vnukovo Airport, following Sheremetyevo, introduced an idle mode – employees were announced to be underemployed. Remind, that 6.5 thousand people work in the Vnukovo aviation complex, and 3.5 thousand people work at the airport itself.

Earlier, Domodedovo Airport transferred its employees to part-time employment. The decision was made to «save jobs in the financial crisis in the aviation industry» and «ensure a stable income for all employees».