OREANDA-NEWS A tanker has been blocked in the Norwegian port of Slagen, which has arrived to ship 95 thousand tons of Russian oil to the Exxon Mobil terminal. Today, on April 25, in the morning, eco-activists from the Greenpeace movement swam to the tanker on boats and chained themselves to the anchor chain.

«Oil is at the heart of not only the climate crisis, but also wars and conflicts», said Frode Plame, head of the Norwegian branch of Greenpeace. Earlier, the greens struggled with oil production in the Arctic.

The Russian tanker is currently moored near the oil terminal in Skagen, about 70 km from Oslo. Greenpeace called on the Norwegian government to ban the import of Russian energy, and also called for the termination of existing oil contracts with Russia.

Earlier, Greenpeace activists in Finland blocked access to the port by rail trains with Russian coal. The protest is taking place at the port of Hanko in Southern Finland — one of the three Finnish ports through which Russian coal enters world markets. Eco-activists wanted to achieve an immediate cessation of the transit of raw materials and the refusal of further supplies.