OREANDA-NEWS The man flew from Johannesburg to Amsterdam in the nose of a cargo plane, which he secretly managed to get into at the airport of the South African city. An illegal traveler survived after an 11-hour flight. Upon arrival, doctors noted that the man had a very low body temperature, BBC News reports.

The man who illegally got on the plane was found by the staff of the Dutch airport Schiphol and called the police. The doctors reported that soon he felt much better and was able to answer questions. The identity of the illegal immigrant could not be established, it is assumed that the man is between 16 and 35 years old.

«When the man recovers and passes a medical examination in the hospital, he will be sent to the Asylum Seekers Center, where his status will be determined: whether he is really seeking asylum», the police said.

Earlier, local residents tried to leave Afghanistan in a similar way. All attempts to fly out of the country, clinging to the protruding parts of the plane, ended tragically. Dozens of videos have appeared on social networks showing refugees falling from a plane while climbing.