OREANDA-NEWS Giving Ukraine the status of a candidate for the European Union means absolutely nothing and will not give it anything. And it is simply a necessity, along with other countries, to demonstrate support for Kyiv. Therefore, you should not take it as something significant for the world and Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Alexander Asafov.

“It’s just that now everyone understands that it is necessary to make politically tinged decisions, to demonstrate support for Ukraine. It is already obvious that there will be no NATO advance in Sweden and Finland in the near future, sanctions have not had the effect that everyone expected, so society needs to be given at least something. At least the presentation of the status of a candidate to Ukraine and Moldova, ”Lenta.ru quotes the words of a political scientist.

The political scientist also noted that the scenarios implemented in the case of other candidate countries will not be implemented in Ukraine, since everyone has their own path. And he recalled that, in addition to the absence of any preferences, one of the disadvantages of this situation is the duration of the transition from the status of a candidate to joining the European Union itself. For example, Turkey has been a candidate for more than twenty years.

Earlier it was reported about Russia's attitude to the assignment of a new status to Ukraine. First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that Moscow has a negative attitude towards the possible entry of Kyiv into the European Union.