About company

The Oreanda-News agency was founded in August 1994 in Moscow, becoming one of the first independent news agencies in contemporary Russia, which remains now. The name of the agency was given by founders in memory of the striking trip to one of the suburbs of Yalta.

The agency started its activity, producing financial tables of money and stock markets, which were sent to the first customers by E-mail. The new opportunities were appearing with the evolution of Internet and the agency fully used them for its development. In 1996 the first website of the agency was created, which initially performed the representative functions only. In the same year the agency launched its first newsfeed, which covered economic events of Russia.

In 1998 the full-fledged database appeared into Oreanda's server, and economic news and financial indicators began to broadcast in online mode. Since economic news is the basis of the agency's operation, the production of all other newsfeeds is being built around it. In the same year, the agency begins to produce its first newsfeed in English, which covers economic events of all the world.

In 1996 the management of Oreanda-news began to discuss the creating of a sports newsfeed. For several years, the agency staff acquired experience in covering of major sports events. In particular, in 1997 the first site of the tennis Kremlin Cup was created, when its official version did not yet exist. At the peak moments of the tournament daily attendance reached 5000 visitors from all the world, for that time it was a sizeable value. In September 2000, with the start of the Olympic Games in Sydney, the agency launched the sports newsfeed. Currently the Oreanda sports newsfeed covers the events of a healthy and active lifestyle.

In 2004 the agency created a culture newsfeed, which constantly covers the events of classical music, ballet, architecture, fine arts, cinema, and other arts. The agency is the information sponsor of the Moscow and St. Petersburg State Conservatories, the Moscow International Performing Arts Center, numerous festivals and cultural events. "Culture should be the basis of all relationships in society" - it's one of the important principles of the Oreanda News agency; that is why the news from the world of culture and art are always located at the top of the agency's WEB site.

Since 2007 the headquarters of the agency is located in St. Petersburg.

Currently the agency issues 12 newsfeeds in Russian and English, which cover the diverse aspects of human activity - economics, politics, sports, culture, etc. More detailed information about newsfeeds can be found in the description of the Terminal, the special service created for quick access to the newsfeeds, produced by the agency.

Employees of Oreanda-News are strictly guided of editorial policy. The base of it are the efficiency and accuracy of news, the conciseness of materials and headlines, definition and clarity of formulations, objectivity and impartiality. All these principles allow the agency's customers and visitors of its website to be abreast of the most efficient and impartial information.

The sailing vessel is the permanent logo of the agency "Oreanda-News" for more than 20 years. Why? Because the agency's slogan also remains unchanged:

Information Agency Oreanda is your ship in a tempestuous sea of information!