26.01.2023, 11:13
The transfer of Western tanks to Ukraine indicates the transition of the conflict in Ukraine to a new level of confrontation.
26.01.2023, 11:04
The agreement on visa-free travel from Primorye to China may resume in February, said Arseniy Krepsky, head of the Primorsky Krai Tourism Agency.
26.01.2023, 10:58
The Russian economy shrank by about 3% in 2022, when it was predicted to fall by 15%, according to the UN report "World Economic Situation and Prospects".
26.01.2023, 10:38
Tourists from Russia rushed to Venezuela, which travel agents consider one of the most dangerous countries in the Caribbean
26.01.2023, 08:51
Vacancies for Chinese Honor and Xiaomi have appeared on popular Russian employee search services
25.01.2023, 13:25
German Leopard 2 tanks are superior to American Abrams, but inferior to the Russian T-90 in firepower and armor protection.
25.01.2023, 13:06
Sberbank was the first among the country's banks to register its own software (software) for ATMs in the register of the Ministry of Finance of Russia
24.01.2023, 17:54
The West does not want to see Russia as a participant in lunar exploration. This was stated at the "Royal Readings" by the General director of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov.
24.01.2023, 12:51
A wide range of antibiotics is supported in Russian pharmacies, their production, supply and release into civil circulation continue, the press service of Roszdravnadzor reported. 
24.01.2023, 09:02
The Polish Institute of International Relations (PISM) calls on the European External Action Service to regularly publish reports on Russia's "espionage activities"
23.01.2023, 13:03
Norilsk Nickel, against the background of sanctions pressure, abandoned plans to enter other markets and is forced to restructure 
23.01.2023, 12:30
It will be easier for Russian tourists to get to the resorts of Sri Lanka - the tour operator Fun & Sun has launched an additional flight to the Asian countr
23.01.2023, 09:10
The Japanese authorities intend to strengthen cooperation with the countries of the "Big Seven" and the global South on the topic of continuing sanctions pressure on Russia.
23.01.2023, 09:07
In Turkey in 2022, the number of companies with foreign capital reached the highest since 2010 (20,135 firms), most of them were opened by Russians.
20.01.2023, 22:34
Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili did not support the idea of resuming direct flights with Russia and called for regulating


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