The Terminal is a special service for the clients of Oreanda-News, which serves for quick access to the agency's newsfeeds. It's created for a wide range of consumers from banks, investment companies, analytical agencies, manufacturing, fuel and energy, transport, logistics companies, scientific organizations, municipal and state bodies, many others.

The agency's newsfeeds covers a wide range of events around the clock, 7 days a week. News are issued in Russian and English, and they have serious differences. Newsfeeds in Russian cover more events in Russia and the countries of the former USSR; the newsfeeds in English cover more events from other countries of the world.

These are the full list of Oreanda-News newsfeeds, avaliable in Terminal:

"Culture, art, entertainment news"

"Government news" 

"Industrial news"

"Transport news"

"Science and engineering news"

"Financial news"

"Communications news"

"Mass media and IT news"

"Energy news"

"Consumer news"

"Physical culture and sport news"

"World news"

The access to the Terminal is carried out only on a fee basis, cooperation is possible only with organizations.

If you want to access to newsfeeds through the Terminal, please leave your request.

Русская версия