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29.11.2022, 14:59
The launch of several satellites of the Russian space group "Express" was postponed for one or two years. This is reported by TASS with reference
25.11.2022, 22:19
During the preparation of Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station for a spacewalk, an abnormal operation of pumps in the cooling system of one of the spacesuits was detected
24.11.2022, 16:25
President Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs to step up efforts to develop artificial intelligence. 
22.11.2022, 10:24
59.9 million people, or 40.9% of the country's population, were vaccinated against influenza in Russia, according to the Rospotrebnadzor website on Tuesday.
18.11.2022, 12:49
Scientists from Omsk State Technical University (OmSTU) have designed a tug for space debris.
17.11.2022, 15:21
Russia in the space industry will have to go the same way as the United States in 40 years, but in a "shorter time". This was stated by the
14.11.2022, 12:14
The Skolkovo Foundation will open an official representative office in New Delhi on Tuesday in order to strengthen cooperation between the Russian and Indian
10.11.2022, 11:45
Russian scientists have applied nanoparticles of zinc and titanium oxides to the fabric, creating a cotton material toxic to microorganisms.
02.11.2022, 12:37
While DNA analysis has been used for a long time now, Touch or Trace DNA is a relatively new type of examination relying often on a tiny sample, as few as 10 skin cells left on an object.
01.11.2022, 11:02
A group of US scientists have discovered a massive asteroid dubbed a “planet killer” that could potentially hit Earth
12.10.2022, 08:58
NASA successfully knocked an asteroid off course in its first-ever ‘planetary defense’ experiment
06.10.2022, 14:12
Russians make up the majority in some territories in Eastern Ukraine, and they would prefer to be a part of Russia, Elon Musk has said
05.10.2022, 15:22
The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said there was a high risk of the Ebola virus spreading to the nation from Uganda
03.10.2022, 11:56
Elon Musk suggested that his humanoid robots could be available in a sexier version
26.09.2022, 21:31
A European Space Agency (ESA) spacecraft is due to take off next year in order to approach an asteroid targeted by NASA’s mission and to assess the impact.


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