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25.01.2023, 13:06
Sberbank was the first among the country's banks to register its own software (software) for ATMs in the register of the Ministry of Finance of Russia
24.01.2023, 18:19
Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev today, January 24, visited the Kalashnikov concern in Izhevsk.
24.01.2023, 15:19
The Russian robot Promobot V.4 has started working at a school in India, he will teach several disciplines at once, the company "Promobot" reported.
24.01.2023, 12:48
More than a quarter of Russia's scientific instrument base was updated last year, and a third of the purchased equipment is of domestic production, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said.
23.01.2023, 09:52
This year, the supply of Russian methanol, which has fallen under Western sanctions, is at risk of being reduced by 20 percent.
20.01.2023, 11:03
Scientists of the Institute of Space Research The Russian Academy of Sciences
18.01.2023, 10:51
The Russian division of the Swedish company Electrolux, which left the country, plans to launch its own brand of household appliances Vard in the spring. Kommersant writes about this.
17.01.2023, 07:45
Russian scientists have developed a coating technology for various tissues that allows making a material that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
16.01.2023, 08:30
The leaders of the IT industry in Russia - VK, Yandex, Beber and Rostelecom — will work on the creation of a national mobile operating system (OS).
13.01.2023, 10:54
Specialists of the SIC Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamalei have begun work on a coronavirus vaccine that will protect against new strains
13.01.2023, 08:26
The Telegraph newspaper named the perpetrators of the cyberattack on the Royal Mail of Great Britain, pointing out that it was done by the hacker group LockBit.
11.01.2023, 13:32
The State Commission decided to launch the Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft to the International Space Station on February 20 without a crew, said the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov.
10.01.2023, 15:55
The American company SpaceX launched satellites of the British company One Web into orbit, which Russia refused to cooperate with. The launch was broadcast on the official SpaceX website.
05.01.2023, 08:47
Rostec State Corporation will soon begin production in Russia of a new generation of electronic warfare (EW) and anti-drone weapons.
04.01.2023, 10:03
The drone market in Russia can grow by about 25 times in a few years, up to a trillion rubles, this opinion was expressed by Pavel Bulat, a member of the AeroNet


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