OREANDA-NEWS The emigration of millionaires from Russia will not affect its economy, economist Nikita Krichevsky told the Telegram channel Radiotochka NSN. He also noted that he did not understand the basis for the data of the London company Henley & Partners that 15,000 millionaires could leave the country before the end of the year.

"Even if the fantastic forecast of the British comes true and as many as 15 thousand dollar millionaires leave Russia, this will not affect the country's economy in any way, because it is not 15 thousand millionaires that determine the business climate in the country and consumer activity. These things determine the 150 million citizens who will remain in the country," Krichevsky said.

Those rich people who still leave Russia for the UAE, Europe or the United States are likely to fall under sanctions, the economist believes. It will only get worse for them, because, in addition to money, there is the Motherland, "father's coffins", the environment of communication and other important concepts, Krichevsky added.

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the information about emigration, said that the Kremlin does not see such a trend. He added that "some opportunities are closing, but new opportunities are coming to replace these opportunities."

Earlier, the former director of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais and his wife were spotted at the Israeli airport. After passing through control at the border, he left the airport, accompanied by guards.