OREANDA-NEWS  Sergey Alexandrovsky, CEO of the Aeroflot Group, announced an increase in salaries for pilots by an average of 30% from October 31, according to the official Telegram channel of Aeroflot.

"Aeroflot CEO Sergey Alexandrovsky held a working meeting with the pilots. The issues of strategic development of the airline, expansion of the route network, improvement of working conditions and remuneration of staff were discussed. During the meeting, Sergey Alexandrovsky announced an increase in pilots' salaries by an average of 30%. The size of the variable part of the salary, which directly depends on the raid, will be increased. The new conditions will come into force on October 31 of this year," the publication says.

Thus, as stated in the publication, the estimated salary for a fully worked month with a flight of 70 hours per month on wide-body aircraft will amount to 624 thousand rubles for the aircraft commander (FAC), 407 thousand rubles for the co-pilot (VP). On narrow-body aircraft - for KVS – 543 thousand rubles, for VP – 283 thousand rubles.

If we talk about flying 85 hours per month, then on wide–body aircraft the salary will be: for KVS - 820 thousand rubles, for VP – 530 thousand rubles. On narrow–body aircraft with the same raid for the KVS - 707 thousand rubles, for the VP – 357 thousand rubles.

"The company is also working on an upward revision of the salaries of flight attendants," Aeroflot concluded.