OREANDA-NEWS. Gazpromneft Lubricants, operator of the Gazprom Neft lubricants business, has concluded a five-year contract with Trading House BelAZ, general distributor for JSC BelAZ products in Russia, involving lubricants supplies through their joint brand BelAZ G-Profi, specifically developed for BelAZ equipment.

BelAZ G-Profi lubricants will be supplied to the certified JSC BelAZ service centres throughout Russia and abroad. The total BelAZ fleet currently stands at more than 22,000 vehicles throughout various countries worldwide, half of which are in Russia.

The agreement also provides for collaboration on research and development to further improve the reliability of BelAZ equipment during warranty and post-warranty periods, and envisages the introduction of a single uniform standard for lubricants throughout authorised service centres. BelAZ G-Profi is a joint initiative involving both partners. The unique formulations BelAZ G-Profi oils and engine fluids have been developed in line with the unique features and requirements of BelAZ equipment, and are designed to ensure maximum mechanical efficiency even under the most demanding usage and conditions. BelAZ G-Profi lubricants are classified as specifically approved for BelAZ equipment.

Gazpromneft Lubricants CEO Alexander Trukhan commented: “Collaboration with one of the industry’s most significant producers serves as a unique base from which to develop high-tech products, more than adequate to replace comparable imported products. Our lubricants are not only approved by the manufacturer, but developed together with them — guaranteeing the excellent usage and operation of their equipment.”

Alexei Lyamin, General Director, Trading House BelAZ, added: “We monitor the quality of the servicing of our equipment very closely, during both the in-warranty and post-warranty periods. The main purpose of BelAZ G-Profi oils, lubricants and engine fluids is to ensure the durability of BelAZ excavation equipment, components and parts. Using of these products will significantly improve the performance of BelAZ equipment, undoubtedly improving its efficiency.”