OREANDA-NEWS. "The stock-exchange transactions, which have been investigated by the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, were executed in line with all the rules of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and there have been no allegations against the bank. About a year ago the commission filed a lawsuit against one of the western banks charging it with serious claims for several transactions. Most likely, this precedent made the Commission review its practices of executing this kind of deals at the stock exchange and consequently impose a ban on address operations within one group. This ban has applied to all of the banks working in the U.S.

Therefore this concerns solely the regulation of the banks’ operations in the US market. After several meetings with VTB Capital in New York, Kansas and Washington, the CFTC has concluded that the bank was working strictly in accordance with the appropriate market practices at that time. However, due to the revision of the rules guiding the execution of deals on the stock exchange, the CFTC decided not to acknowledge the Group’s activity on several previously closed transactions as correct. Taking into consideration the fact that Chicago Mercantile Exchange had earlier allowed such transactions and that VTB cooperated fully with the CFTC, the bank was fined the minimum amount possible".