OREANDA-NEWS  Wealthy Russians have begun to return assets to Russia out of fear of their confiscation abroad, Bloomberg reports.

"Most of the sanctioned billionaires preferred to transfer assets to their homeland," the article says.

Two Russian billionaires told the publication on condition of anonymity that they can now safely conduct business only in Russia. Another sanctioned businessman transferred assets to his homeland and said he planned to start a new life there.

The Bloomberg Billionaires index includes 26 Russians, their combined wealth is about $ 350 billion. The way they decide to dispose of their wealth will affect the economy and all business sectors of Russia in the coming decades, the article says.

Western media have repeatedly noted that the economic situation in Russia is improving significantly, while Europe is on the verge of a "deep recession." The media also drew attention to the fact that Russia's ability to withstand pressure will become a subject for analysts to study in the future.