OREANDA-NEWS. Deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party faction headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as well as senators Elena Afanasyeva and Irina Kozhanova submitted to the State Duma a bill on the annual pre-New Year's pension payment. The text of the document was posted in the Duma electronic database on Thursday.

As the authors of the initiative note, "the high inflation rate, which by the end of 2021 may reach about 9%, has an extremely negative effect on the level of income of pensioners." According to the authors of the project, on the eve of the New Year, all citizens have large monetary expenses associated with the purchase of gifts for family and friends, food for the festive table. "During this period, socially vulnerable categories of citizens, which include pensioners, need special attention and support from the state," the explanatory materials say.

"The bill proposes to provide pensioners with a pre-New Year pension payment annually in December. The proposed additional pension payment before the New Year will allow pensioners to celebrate this wonderful holiday with dignity," the explanatory note says.

The initiative proposes to provide a pre-New Year pension payment to all working and non-working recipients of insurance pensions, state pensions and military pensions.

The authors of the bill propose to establish a pre-New Year pension payment "in the amount of the pension received by a citizen on the date of granting him this pension payment." It is proposed to finance the costs of providing the pre-New Year pension payments at the expense of the federal budget, including the interbudgetary transfer for compulsory pension insurance provided from the federal budget to the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia.