OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian economy does not lack financial resources. This is indicated not only by bankers, but also by representatives of the real sector of the economy, said the head of the Central Bank (CB) Elvira Nabiullina. Her words are quoted by TASS.

The financial situation of the Russian economy continues to remain stable. "We do not have a lack of finances Everyone understands that there are resources," Nabiullina said during a speech at the VTB investment forum "Russia is calling!".

She also noted that the Russian economy receives about 2.5-3 trillion rubles in profit every month. The improvement of dynamics is also influenced by the mechanism that encourages banks to direct resources to technological modernization and import substitution. This mechanism was launched in the country in mid-2023, by now the amount of loans issued for this purpose has reached the level of 220 billion rubles, and in the future it may grow to 10 trillion, the head of the Central Bank concluded.

In November, Nabiullina called the shortage of labor the main problem of the Russian economy. In order to ensure further GDP growth in the country, it is necessary to create conditions for increasing labor productivity against the background of a continuing shortage of personnel in a number of industries. At the same time, the situation with a shortage of workers is particularly acute in the mechanical engineering and chemical industries.