OREANDA-NEWS  Frozen assets of Russia can be returned to the country after concluding agreements with the West and a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, he suggested in a conversation with Lenta.<url>" State Duma deputy Alexey Chepa.

"Let's hope that the assets will return to us. But everything will depend on the conditions, on how the political architecture of the world will develop in the future," the deputy said. — But the first condition is to make sure that we are heard. Because now they don't want to listen to us."

Chepa also called it necessary for Western countries to agree with Russia's security requirements. After that, he believes, it will be possible to move on to a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and resolve the issue of frozen Russian assets.

"I think asset recovery is not a quick issue, but a significant part will return. Something may be controversial, but we also have the opportunity for compensation, there are certain assets of Western companies," the politician noted.