OREANDA-NEWS   Russia, where inflation at the end of last year was 11.9%, ranked 52nd in terms of price growth among all countries of the world, while the highest values were in Zimbabwe, it follows from the calculations of RIA Novosti.

The highest annual inflation among all countries in the world in 2022 was recorded in Zimbabwe (243.8%), Venezuela (234%) and Lebanon (122%). In the top five "anti-leaders" were also Argentina with 94.8% and Sudan with 87.3%. In Turkey, at the end of the year, inflation was 64.3%, and in Sri Lanka - 59.2%. The top 10 also includes Suriname (54.6%), Ghana (54.1%) and Haiti (48.3%). The top 50 in terms of price growth in the world includes 17 European countries, eleven of which are in the European Union. The strongest inflation accelerated in Moldova (30.2%), Ukraine (26.6%), Hungary (24.5%), Lithuania (21.7%) and Latvia (20.8%). Among Russia's neighbors, the highest rates of price growth in 2022 were recorded in Kazakhstan at 20.3%, Kyrgyzstan at 14.7% and Azerbaijan at 13.9%, Inflation in Belarus and Uzbekistan is also higher than Russia - 12.8% and 12.3%, respectively.

The lowest inflation in the world at the end of last year was observed in China, where it was only 1.8%, and Oman with 1.98%. At the same time, South Sudan became the only country in the world that had deflation in 2022 - prices there decreased by 11.6%.

The study was conducted by RIA Novosti on the basis of data from the national statistical services of 193 UN member countries. The final sample included 156 countries that, as of mid-February, disclosed data for 2022 from seven regions of the world: Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Oceania, South and North America.