OREANDA-NEWS  Restaurants of three major Russian fast food chains — Delicious, Period, Burger King and KFC / Rostic's — increased revenue in 2024 despite a decrease in sales. Kommersant writes about this with reference to the data of analysts.

According to Tinkoff Data, the number of purchases in all three networks decreased by three percent year-on-year in the first quarter. At the same time, the average income in establishments increased to 467 rubles, by 17 percent, as a result, the turnover of restaurants increased by 13 percent. At the same time, Burger King said that this year the dynamics of the number of checks in their restaurants was positive.

The entire turnover of the catering market last year reached 2.82 trillion rubles, of which seven percent was accounted for by Delicious, period, Burger King — four percent, two percent of the total turnover was provided by KFC / Rostic's. The number of purchases and turnover of the three chains jumped by 22 and 28 percent, respectively, and the average check was 415 rubles (plus five percent). Most noticeably, revenue increased at Yummy, Period — more than doubled, to 155.7 billion rubles.

The company explained the high performance by the fact that almost all the restaurants of the chain were open after downtime, in addition, new establishments were opened, including in regions where they had not been represented before. Over the year, the number of outlets has grown to 885, in addition, Yummy and Dot has restarted the delivery service.

Burger King's revenue in Russia increased by eight percent in 2023 (to 74.4 billion rubles). In the previous year, the chain's sales jumped by 40 percent at once, as customers of the closed McDonald's became their customers. The managing director of KFC and Rostic's, Unirest LLC, received 20.1 billion rubles in revenue (plus 17 percent in annual terms). At the same time, the company noted that these indicators do not include data from all 1.1 thousand franchise outlets.

In terms of net profit growth, KFC and Rostic's turned out to be the leaders among fast food chains, earning 175 percent more (3.5 billion rubles). The profit of Yummy — and-Dot amounted to 14.1 billion rubles (in 2022, the chain reported a loss of 11.2 billion), Burger King — 1.7 billion (minus 27 percent year-on-year).

Earlier, Konstantin Kotov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unirest, said that Rostic's planned to open 100 new restaurants in Russia in 2024. At the same time, the chain is going to open 750 new restaurants in the next five years, he noted. The top manager called the company's plans ambitious and added that the process of approving the appearance of new points has already begun.