OREANDA-NEWS  More than half of Russian urban youth (58 percent) do not trust bank deposits as a tool for savings, and the lower the consumer capabilities of citizens, the more they doubt the rationality of storing money in a bank. This is evidenced by the results of the VTsIOM survey, RBC reports.

According to young people, it is better to invest the accumulated funds in something that can be controlled: for example, in business, real estate, precious metals. Since last year, the number of respondents who think so has grown.

Young people also believe that it is impossible to save up for a large purchase, for example, an apartment, systematically saving small amounts — 13 percent of citizens are sure of this, and 38 percent rather agree with this statement. At the same time, 19 percent of young Russians believe that the strategy does not work and it is possible to save for an apartment only by saving large sums. Another 30 percent of citizens are more likely to agree with this. Moreover, the older the respondent, the more disappointed he becomes in this strategy.