OREANDA-NEWS Sberbank not only adapts its products and services to the needs of people with disabilities, but also develops practical guidelines to help businesses. This was stated by Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, during the session "The role of business in shaping an inclusive culture and ethics of inclusion" within the framework of the XXVII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

According to Tsarev, the Sberbank has been dealing with accessibility issues for eight years. "Each of our services helps people integrate into society and benefit themselves and the country. We share our experience. Therefore, we collect knowledge from various sources and turn them into manuals in a language understandable to business," he said.

Speaking about the manuals, he clarified that three such manuals have already been posted on the Sberbank website: basic information about creating accessible services, how to make digital services accessible, and the easy-to-read guide is a globally recognized best practice for adapting information for those who find it difficult to understand complex things (for example, people with mental disabilities and older people).

Currently, you can connect headphones to ATMs and receive voice prompts, so the blind can use them without assistance. In thousands of bank branches, you can get consultations in Russian sign language.

Today, almost 11 million people with disabilities live in Russia, who are only partially integrated into public life.