OREANDA-NEWS "Moscow Exchange" on Thursday conducts exchange trading in carbon units, said Oksana Gogunskaya, CEO of the operator of the Russian register of carbon units - JSC "Kontur".

"The most common question is how much does a carbon unit cost? Today there will be stock trading at 12:00 Moscow time. We will all see with interest what the price will be. Therefore, I urge you to watch the news of the Moscow Stock Exchange and find out at what price carbon units are really purchased, because these are not such marketing deals as they were last year. This is really what companies acquire in order to reduce their footprint by the end of 2022," she said at an event at the Russian pavilion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28).

Vladislav Berezovsky, Development Director of Carbon Zero, noted at the same session that the company intends to participate in the auction.

"From the point of view of prices, I hope that today the terminal will work with Mosbirzha just after this session, we will submit an application for an auction and see the pricing. What is important is that we are acting as a broker in this market for the first time, because we are buying carbon units not for ourselves, but for the ICB (Moscow Credit Bank), and we also expect from the register of carbon units that it will be possible to do this more openly. From the point of view of what to indicate in the register that we extinguish carbon units for a specific legal entity, and not for ourselves," he said.