OREANDA-NEWS Binance, the largest international crypto exchange, will stop "supporting" the ruble in a P2P operation (when transferring funds between individuals) on January 31, thus, all cryptocurrency trading using the ruble goes to CommEX, which bought the entire business of the exchange in the Russian Federation in September, follows from the message of the trading platform.

In March last year, Binance announced the suspension of operations using Mastercard and Visa bank cards issued in Russia, leaving the possibility of trading only in P2P mode. Last September, Binance signed an agreement to sell its entire Russian business to CommEX. Then she announced that from November 15 she would stop "supporting" ruble deposits, and the withdrawal of ruble funds already available on accounts would be available until the end of January.

"Following the decision to leave Russia and sell the business to CommEX, Binance P2P will stop supporting the Russian ruble, including the following trading pairs: USDT/RUB, BTC/RUB (bitcoin), FDUSD/RUB (stablecoin), BNB/RUB (Binance Coin), ETH/RUB (Ethereum), BUSD/RUB (stablecoin) and RUB/RUB from 2024.01.31 00:00 (UTC). Users can carry out P2P trading with the Russian ruble (RUB) on the CommEX platform without any fees," the message said on Monday.

To use CommEX for trading, you need to register or log in to your CommEX account and connect it to your Binance account. Once the accounts are linked, you can transfer your assets from Binance to the CommEX platform and continue trading using the ruble in P2P mode, Binance explains.

"In addition, users can withdraw Russian rubles through Binance's fiat partners before 00.00 (UTC) on January 31, convert Russian rubles into cryptocurrency using the Conversion tool or exchange Russian rubles for cryptocurrency on the Binance spot market," the message also says.