OREANDA-NEWS  Starting in 2025, the minimum wage in Russia will increase by 15 percent, to 22 thousand rubles. This was stated at a meeting with deputy prime ministers by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, his words are quoted by TASS.

From the beginning of 2025, the minimum wage will be calculated from the median salary in the labor market according to the task set by Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase citizens' incomes.

"Another task is to further increase the minimum wage. Starting next year, it will be linked to the median salary received by the majority of those employed in the economy, and will actually amount to half of this figure," Mishustin explained.

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) Putin called on the authorities to achieve an increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) by almost two times in six years. Now this figure in the country is 19,942 rubles, and by 2030 it should grow to 35 thousand rubles per month. The Head of State also added that the indexation of the minimum wage will be linked to the overall growth of wages in the economy.