OREANDA-NEWS  At the end of 2023, the number of Russians with a capital of over 100 million rubles increased by one and a half times. The sharp increase is reported by RBC with reference to Frank RG materials.

Number of millionaire banking clients (HNWI segment, High-net-worth individual) it increased by 50 percent, to 21.8 thousand. By the end of 2023, 4.1 thousand of them were classified as the group of the super—rich, with capital of 500 million rubles or more - their number rose by 60 percent, and in two years — by 17 percent due to the crisis landing.

The total capital of Russian consumers of the HNWI segment at the end of 2023 was estimated at 13.1 trillion rubles. In 12 months, it has increased by 62 percent, by more than five trillion rubles. Compared to 2021, the growth amounted to 19.5 percent (2.1 trillion rubles).

In 2023, wealthy Russians continued to buy gold bars despite record price increases. According to Evgeny Safonov, director of Promsvyazbank's private capital department, since the beginning of the year, customers have purchased more than seven tons of gold bars (1.9 times more than in 2022). The volume of funds placed on metal accounts has increased by more than 40 percent, while gold accounts account for 70 and silver accounts for 25 percent of the funds.