OREANDA-NEWS  The total amount of funds stored in the virtual wallets of Qiwi Bank (MOEX: QIWI) is 4.4 billion rubles, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), appointed by the interim administration of the credit institution after the revocation of the license, reported. In total, the DIA found about 9.3 million electronic wallets in Kiwi Bank.

According to the DIA, there are about 277 million rubles on anonymous wallets (with a limit of up to 15 thousand rubles), in total there are 1.3 million such wallets. The average amount of funds remaining in one wallet is 212 rubles. Wallets with simplified identification (with a limit of up to 60 thousand rubles) hold 2.35 billion rubles, a total of 7.15 million such wallets. The average balance is 328 rubles. There are 1.76 billion rubles on wallets assuming full identification of the client (with a limit of up to 600 thousand rubles), and 0.87 million wallets in this category. The average balance of one wallet is 2,034 rubles.

The Agency recalled that electronic wallets are not subject to the deposit insurance law, which means that their claims will be satisfied as part of the third stage of the register of creditors' claims. "Now the DIA is working on simplifying the procedure for filing creditors' claims by owners of electronic wallets through the personal account of the QIWI payment service. According to preliminary information, the credit institution has enough assets to settle with all creditors, including the owners of electronic wallets," the agency said.

To be included in the register, wallet owners must submit requirements to the Kiwi Bank. The requirements must specify: full name, date of birth, details of the identity document, postal address, as well as payment details of the creditor, wallet number and amount. The request should also be accompanied by a certificate from the mobile operator confirming that the subscriber number to which the wallet is issued belongs to the lender.