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01.07.2022, 13:27
Eurozone Inflation Hits Record Annual Rate of 8.6% in June
24.06.2022, 17:25
The European Union has decided to allocate financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of €9 billion, Bloomberg reports, citing three European officials.
24.06.2022, 10:56
More and more Russian banks are no longer opening foreign currency accounts, Izvestia writes with reference to the call centers of banks.
23.06.2022, 15:05
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters that the termination of payments on Eurobonds in foreign currency will not lead to a default.
17.06.2022, 11:38
The US dollar and the euro are rising on the Moscow Exchange on Friday morning.
31.05.2022, 15:49
The freezing of the foreign exchange part of the reserves of the Central Bank will lead to the fact that the central banks of other countries will want to rethink the need to place reserves in dollars and euros.
27.05.2022, 16:25
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov believes that the statement about the default in Russia has nothing to do with reality.
27.05.2022, 15:00
In the coming weeks, the dollar will not rise to the level of late February - early March due to a strong imbalance in exports and imports of the Russian economy.
25.05.2022, 13:11
If the next payment of Russia on Eurobonds in the amount of $235 million on June 23 does not reach creditors, then Western institutions may declare a technical default on Russia's external obligations.
24.05.2022, 10:58
Banks began to pay extra for the exchange of dollars for rubles on the market due to the more expensive exchange of dollars for rubles than direct loans in rubles. RBC writes about it.
23.05.2022, 16:54
A strong ruble can reduce the amount of revenues to the Russian budget, said the director of the Higher School of Finance of the REU. Plekhanov Konstantin Ordov.
23.05.2022, 11:10
The Bank of Russia denied the information that appeared in the media about the purchase of foreign currency from exporters to curb the ruble from a sharp appreciation.
18.05.2022, 12:32
Russia is not going to default on the public debt, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.
13.05.2022, 17:36
The ruble was in the top three currencies that grew against the dollar last year, said Vladislav Ginko, an expert at the RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation, economist.


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