OREANDA-NEWS Everything will be fine with the yuan trade in Russia, however, after the sanctions on the Moscow Exchange, there will be some period of adaptation in which market fluctuations in the currency may be observed, first deputy chairman of VTB Dmitry Pyanov told reporters at a conference call.

"Everything will be fine with the yuan trade in Russia. There have been no fundamental changes, we understand that the authorization of the Moscow Exchange will have some kind of adaptation period, which may be expressed, among other things, in some market fluctuations. Accordingly, now, due to the sanctions status of the Moscow Stock Exchange, some other solution must be found," Pyanov said.

"You will probably ask about the new sanctions on June 12. Let me remind you that this is not only the authorization of the Moscow Exchange and the NCC, but also two important points – the naming of all branches, more precisely, banks, representative offices of previously sanctioned banks of Russia in the sanctions lists. And it is very important that the answer to the question "Are secondary sanctions possible for transactions in national currencies?" appeared for the first time on the OFAC Frequently Asked Questions page, the answer is "yes, it is possible," he recalled.