OREANDA-NEWS  The bill on mining cryptocurrencies is being submitted to the State Duma on Friday, said Anton Gorelkin, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy.

"Many questions are being sent on the bill on mining cryptocurrencies. I am ready to answer some of them right now. I think that by the time of re-introduction (and it will happen today), there will be no fundamental changes in these positions," Gorelkin wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday.

He explained that according to the draft law, only Russian legal entities and individual entrepreneurs included in the relevant register will be entitled to mine, while individuals who do not exceed the energy consumption limits set by the government will be entitled to mine digital currency without being included in the register.

"We are convinced that it is necessary to exclude the possibility of using digital currency to legalize proceeds from crime, financing terrorism, or other criminally punishable acts. Therefore, the bill provides for the obligation of miners to provide information to the authorized body on obtaining digital currency as a result of mining, on identifier addresses, as well as the powers of Rosfinmonitoring to maintain an appropriate list," Gorelkin said.

According to him, the bill provides for the possibility of selling digital currency obtained as a result of mining, without using the Russian information infrastructure.

"Will the bill still include the possibility of banning mining activities in certain regions of the Russian Federation? Yes, the possibility to grant the government of the Russian Federation such rights is envisaged, but taking into account the risks to the development of the mining industry, we expect a certain discussion defining the conditions and scope of this ban," Gorelkin also noted.

The deputy stressed that for him, the legalization of cryptocurrency turnover is a patriotic issue, because it helps Russia and its allies to circumvent unfair sanctions.