OREANDA-NEWS  Doctors note that a heart attack with a stroke less often takes away the life and health of Russians. Positive dynamics has been observed since 2006. And although mortality rates increased during the pandemic, the situation improved markedly again in 2022. But in our country, cardiovascular diseases are still the main cause of death. Although their development can be effectively slowed down by prevention and timely treatment. The national Healthcare project helps to change the situation for the better.

We habitually say: "I almost had a stroke!", "They brought me to a pre-infarction state!", wanting to make it clear how much shock we experienced. It is not surprising that heart attack and stroke come to mind first of all — it is from cardiovascular diseases that Russians die most often. And the saddest thing is that it is often a sudden and premature death.

It turns out that Russians shorten their own lives by indifference to their health.

A paradoxical situation has developed: on the one hand, everyone is aware of the deadly danger of heart attacks and strokes, but many do not think about how to avoid their development. For example, as the VTsIOM survey showed, less than half of Russians aged 25 to 45 years know how to minimize the risk of stroke.

Such seemingly elementary risk reduction factors as proper nutrition and exercise were noted by less than half of the respondents (46 and 41 percent, respectively), smoking cessation and alcohol abuse were even less — 20 and 18 percent, the need for regular blood pressure monitoring was noted by only 17 percent of the study participants.

In 2022, Russia has largely managed to achieve the lowest mortality rates from cardiovascular diseases in at least the last 30 years

Experts believe that the improvement in indicators was mainly due to improved medical care in the country, because deaths from heart attacks and strokes in hospitals decreased most noticeably. This happened thanks to the implementation of the national Healthcare project initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin and launched in 2019. Reducing mortality from cardiovascular diseases has become one of the priorities of the national project.