OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian Ministry of Health has registered an analogue of spinraza, one of the most expensive drugs in the world designed for the treatment of all types of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). 

Information about the registration of the spinraza analogue (international nonproprietary name — nusinersen) was also confirmed by the biotech manufacturing company. They noted that the Russian drug will be cheaper than spinraza from the American company Biogen, the cost of which exceeds 5 million rubles per package. The representative of the company did not specify how much the price of the drug would be lower.

Nucinersen is included in the list of vital medicines, the list of which is being updated by the government. Prices for such drugs are regulated by the state. According to the publication, the FAS has not yet received materials from the Ministry of Health, including regarding the price offered by the manufacturer. According to Sergey Shulyak, CEO of DSM Group, the price of Russian nusinersen may be 20 percent lower. In turn, Nikolai Bespalov, Director of Development at the RNC Pharma analytical company, allows for a 15 percent reduction in cost.

Generium CEO Daniil Talyansky stressed that the release of the drug for the treatment of SMA in Russia will make it available to most patients who are shown such therapy. The medicine will be fully produced at the company's site in the Vladimir region, he added.