OREANDA-NEWS  A British citizen living in the Thai resort city of Pattaya was detained on Monday by police on charges of attacking a Russian man also living in Pattaya, which caused the death of a Russian citizen, the Pattaya News portal reports.

According to the portal, the attack occurred at about three o'clock in the morning (23.00 Moscow time on Sunday) during a pool party at one of the villas in Pattaya in the area of Chaiyapryk Street. A thirty-five-year-old Englishman struck a thirty-six-year-old Russian man in the face once, from which the Russian citizen fell, hit his head hard on the concrete floor and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene managed to bring the Russian to consciousness, and he was taken to the hospital, but later died in hospital from his injury, Pattaya News reports.

The British man who attacked the Russian left the party with his wife, a Thai citizen, after the attack. The police were able to identify him from CCTV footage and with the help of witnesses, and on Monday the Englishman was detained.

During the interrogation, he said that both he and the Russian, who met for the first time at the party, were in a state of heavy alcohol intoxication, the portal reports, citing the police. The Englishman said that the Russian began to strongly molest his wife, despite the fact that he was at a party with a girl, also a Thai citizen, the report said. When the Russian came close to the Englishman's wife, tried to hug her and allegedly began to offer to have sex with him, the Englishman approached him and struck him, after which he left the party, taking with him his wife, who was also in a state of strong intoxication. The Englishman claims that he did not know how badly the Russian hit his head, and did not assume that his opponent would die from the effects of the injury, Pattaya News reports.
The Englishman's wife confirmed during interrogation that she was heavily intoxicated when the Russian, whom she and her husband met at a party, showed interest in her and began flirting with her, despite the presence of his girlfriend here, the portal said.
An Englishman who confessed to committing an attack on a Russian has been charged with assault and infliction of bodily harm resulting in the death of the victim, currently he remains under arrest, the portal reports.