OREANDA-NEWS  British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the allocation of 72 million pounds to the charity Community Security Trust (CST), dedicated to protecting Jews from anti-Semitism.

Earlier, CST reported that the number of cases of anti-Semitism in the UK reached a record level in almost 40 years in 2023 amid the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

"I am allocating at least 18 million pounds annually over the next four years. (Thus - ed.) more than 70 million pounds to protect our Jewish community," Sunak said at the annual CST dinner held on Wednesday. The text of the Prime minister's speech was published on the website of the British government

According to Sky News, the funds will be used to provide security guards, install CCTV cameras and alarm systems in places visited by members of the Jewish community.

The Prime Minister said he would continue efforts to ensure the safety of Jews living in Britain and to combat anti-Semitism. At the same time, Sunak condemned the increase in cases of threats and intimidation that British politicians are increasingly facing.

The day before, the British Interior Ministry announced the allocation of 31 million pounds to strengthen security measures for deputies amid growing threats to politicians due to the situation in the Middle East. The Times newspaper reported that some parliamentarians had been intimidated by "Islamist extremists" and noted the growing threat to politicians from the far right. Earlier, a member of the ruling Conservative Party, Mike Freer, announced that he was resigning from parliament amid fears for his safety.