OREANDA-NEWS  Beijing does not supply Moscow with weapons, but allegedly sends the Russian army a huge amount of necessary "dual-use" goods. China was accused of this in the Sky News article.

Such products include, for example, semiconductor chips, navigation equipment, jet aircraft parts, ball bearings and much more. It is clarified that they are considered "dual-use" goods, since they can be imported for civilian purposes, which often makes sanctions less effective in blocking their passage to Russia.

According to the American analytical Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the wide range of Russian imports that the researchers have combined under the name "key military goods" ranges from electrical equipment, machinery and vehicles to materials such as iron, steel, plastic and rubber.

"At the beginning of 2023, Russia was preparing for a Ukrainian counteroffensive. Around the same time, imports of so-called "key military goods" increased dramatically. In March 2023, something else happened: President Xi [Jinping] made a state visit to Russia," the publication says.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing to meet with Xi Jinping. The heads of state will hold talks in the House of People's Assemblies in a narrow and wide format.