OREANDA-NEWS  Consumption of chicken and beef in Russia has fallen. About this with reference to the data "Contour.Market," RIA Novosti reports.

In April, the popularity of chicken and beef in the country decreased by 23 and 34 percent, respectively. As an alternative, consumers began to choose turkey and pork. According to analysts, these types of meat have risen in price the least.

During the year, the cost of mutton in Russia increased by 30-40 percent, depending on the type of product. This speed came as a surprise to officials who deny the shortage of the product on the Russian market. In March, steamed, cooled or chilled mutton cost 33.2 percent more than a year earlier, and frozen — by 41.5 percent.

According to the Rusprodsoyuz association, in early 2024, the cost of cooking barbecue in Russia increased by 10-20 percent. The experts took into account the classic recipe for four people — 1.5 kilograms of meat, 500 grams of onions, 15 milliliters of vinegar, pepper and salt. Chicken kebab will cost citizens 389 rubles (plus 20 percent), pork dish — 739.5 rubles (plus 13 percent), turkey — 814.5 rubles (plus 10.3 percent).