OREANDA-NEWS  Russian children are being dragged into sabotage activities through Telegram, promising money for arson on the railway. Such data was disclosed to TASS by Pavel Vymenets, head of the Western Interregional Investigative Department for Transport of the TFR.

According to him, teenagers agree to set fire to relay cabinets for 10-15 thousand rubles, and then become defendants in criminal cases of sabotage or terrorism, since they do not realize the full social danger of their actions, believing that this is a quest. Minors are attracted by interested parties in the messenger.

In 2023, the Vymentz unit opened six criminal cases against teenagers for sabotage and acts of terrorism on the railway. Almost all such crimes have been solved, the investigative authorities are closely monitoring them in order to avoid victims and ensure the smooth operation of transport, he noted.

The head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, said that in 2023, 227 criminal cases of terrorist crimes were sent to the courts. 280 people have been brought to criminal responsibility, including for financing terrorism — the investigation of 34 cases initiated under this article has been completed.

He added that in the context of a special military operation, terrorist crimes are committed by the Ukrainian special services, which do not disdain such methods.