OREANDA-NEWS  The American magazine Forbes has compiled a rating of the 30 most expensive Russian Internet companies, the first line in it was again taken by Yandex worth 12.5 billion dollars, according to the publication's website.

The top ten most expensive also included Wildberries with an estimated value of 7.2 billion dollars, Ozon (7 billion), Avito (3.4 billion), 1C (2.8 billion), Kaspersky Lab (2.1 billion), HeadHunter (1.9 billion), VK (1.8 billion), Positive Technologies (1.6 billion) and SKB Kontur ($1.4 billion).

The rating includes Runet companies, that is, whose revenue is generated on the Internet. The authors of the study specify that the value of public companies is equal to their capitalization on the Moscow Stock Exchange and is fixed on February 1. As for non-tradable companies, they asked them for their financial indicators and calculated their value, comparing them with their public counterparts. And in addition to the data of the companies themselves, the final assessment took into account the estimates of financial analysts and data on transactions with shares.

As the publication also notes, the marketplace segment remains the leading one in this sector, accounting for about 46% of the value of the 30 largest Russian Internet companies. In 2023, their revenue increased by an average of 64%, and their cost increased by 20%.

Another trend that Forbes drew attention to is the rising cost of online cinemas. Their combined score increased by 80%. According to the magazine, the bet on the development of its own production after the loss of rights to foreign films and TV series affected.