OREANDA-NEWS  The authorities of the Kaliningrad region called on Lithuania to use common sense and warned about the inevitable economic consequences in the event of the closure of the only checkpoint on the border with the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Lyskov, the press secretary of the Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, told RIA Novosti that the possible closure of the Kibartai border crossing (from the Russian side - Chernyshevskoye) would be a gross violation of Lithuania's transit obligations.

"This will lead to negative economic consequences for Lithuania itself. We hope that the leaders of the neighboring country will adhere to common sense and try to imagine the economic consequences of their actions. Unlike Finland, Lithuania does not have the opportunity to close the border with Russia painlessly," Lyskov said.

The Chernyshevskoye checkpoint remained the only accessible checkpoint for passenger and cargo transport across the Russian-Lithuanian border. The rest — there were 4 of them in total - were closed by the Baltic neighbors in 2022.