OREANDA-NEWS  In Russia, the government has announced plans to block websites using artificial intelligence starting in 2024.

Roskomnadzor, the federal agency responsible for media and communications regulation, has reportedly stated that it intends to create a registry of websites that use AI and block them. This will be done through a digital transformation program, according to reports from Kommersant newspaper.

The technology behind this initiative will be based on a system that analyzes and categorizes online content. This integration of AI is expected to reduce costs, according to sources.

Roskomnadzor's goal is to reduce the time taken to detect prohibited content online to two hours by 2023 and one hour by 2026, as reported by the publication. Additionally, the agency aims to decrease the number of mistakenly identified violations in media by 50%, from 20% in the current year to 10% by 2030.Earlier, it was reported that artificial intelligence has improved the effectiveness of vaccines. Princeton University scientists used it to analyze genomes in order to achieve this.