OREANDA-NEWS The Simbirsk Design Bureau (SKB) has developed a new FPV drone "Piranha-13". The Russian device differs from the basic version, which was used to destroy the Abrams tank in the special operation zone, increased from 4.5 to 8 kilograms of payload. A representative of the SKB told Izvestia about this.

"The team has been working on this drone for more than six months. This is an improved model that is equipped with all the systems of its predecessors, but also has a number of additional ones: a quick—release battery mount, a camera stabilization system, the ability to install several for multispectral operation and a stabilization system for the device in case of failure of one or two engines," he said.

Military expert Dmitry Kornev stressed that the drone needs a large mass of warhead to defeat protected equipment with a single hit, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery units with additional armor. According to him, drones are in demand at a range of 10 to 40 kilometers, since at such a distance artillery cannot always accurately hit targets.