OREANDA-NEWS  A tiger killed a man in the Khabarovsk Territory who went to the forest in the footsteps of a predator who killed his dog, the regional department of the RF IC and the Amur Tiger center reported.

"On Monday, a tiger attacked a resident of the Lazo district of the Khabarovsk Territory near a forest area near the village of Obor. The body of a man with traces of animal exposure was found on the spot," the investigative department told RIA Novosti.

Other details are still unknown, the department noted. The Vyazma interdistrict investigation Department is conducting a procedural check on the fact of a tiger attack on a person. The interlocutor added that the regulatory authorities are deciding on the removal of a tiger specimen from the wild.

According to the Amur Tiger center, the tiger crushed the dog of a resident of the village of Obor. The owner of the animal followed the tracks of the beast and, after following them for a considerable distance, came across a predator in the forest near the prey. Presumably, the beast regarded this as a threat and attacked the man.