OREANDA-NEWS  In the Nyurbinsky district of Yakutia, they gathered to re-conduct blasting operations on the Vilyu River. This is necessary to free her from the ice, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The jam is located downstream from the mouth of the Marha River near the island of Sata. Because of it, the water level in the Vilyui River rises - it is dangerous for possible flooding of the city of Nyurba and the village of Antonovka. According to the Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Dmitry Sadovnikov, the water has already reached the village of Zharkhan — seven households and two cowsheds have been flooded. A school, a kindergarten and 15 other houses are also at risk.

An ice drift can raise the water level to dangerous levels near the settlements of Kylayy, Cheriktey and Dygdal in the Ust-Aldan district. Ice movements and flooding of the runway of the local airport are likely near the village of Zyryanka, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

Earlier, the Amur Bay off the coast of Vladivostok turned an unusual color — the water turned yellow in places. According to scientists, they are caused by pollen from coniferous trees.