OREANDA-NEWS  The flood situation in Udmurtia is stabilizing, the river level in the region is falling, said the Prime Minister of the republic Yaroslav Semenov and added that in this regard he would no longer write about it daily in Telegram.

"But it's going to rain in the next couple of days. So we do not let go of control," he said.

The water level in the Loza River, which flooded 120 adjacent territories in the Game district center, decreased by almost 120 cm, the Prime minister said.

"Only a few garden plots located in low-lying areas remain flooded. The vine has entered the channel," he said.

The water level over the low-water Shulyavsky bridge in the Vavozhsky district decreased by 40 cm per day, and by 10 cm over the flooded section of the Polom-Polomskoye road in the Kez district. Territories in the Yagan of the Malopurginsky district are also being freed from water.