OREANDA-NEWS  The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are preparing a massive strike on the territory of Russia on the morning of May 7. This is reported by RT in its Telegram channel, citing sources.

It is assumed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to carry out attacks on the territory of Russia from six in the morning on May 7. According to the informant, the Ukrainian military plans to use more than 50 drones, as well as dozens of long-range missiles.

First, the APU uses drones to use up the resources of the Russian air defense (air defense). After that, the Ukrainian military can strike at a pre-selected target. The publication emphasizes that this is "the first such strong probable attack from Ukraine."

On the night of April 30, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to launch a massive strike on Crimea. To do this, the Ukrainian military used American-made ATACMS missiles.